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OCIANA™: Predictability in a Sea of Uncertainty

OCIANA™ provides comprehensive, real time global maritime risk and compliance management, encompassing risk assessment, reporting, mitigation and response strategies.

Learn how OCIANA™ will provide automatic detection of anomalies, threat predictions and enhance the way you manage maritime risks. Stay ahead of potential threats with customised alerts, vessel path prediction, spoof detection, and more with OCIANA™.  

Our solution provides maritime domain awareness to mitigate security, commercial and environmental risks. Using machine learning pattern-of-life analysis, OCIANA™ delivers predictive insights and actionable intelligence in real time. Incorporating multiple space-based and terrestrial feeds, OCIANA™ is data agnostic and can be configured to incorporate user data. The platform enables users to collaborate and communicate to build a common operating picture.  

Situational Awareness Display and Common Operating Picture

Multiple sensor data sources aggregated to provide a single picture 

EEZ monitoring

Awareness in remote regions where sensor coverage is minimal

Data agnostic – can integrate own data sets 

Risk Detection

Performs continuous data fusion and pattern-of-life analysis

Detects and mitigates against a multitude of risks including, Dark Vessels, Identity Spoofing, Sanctions Infractions, Trafficking, and Illegal Fishing

Provides customised alerts and notifications to support real time threat detection and monitoring

Detection of unusual vessel behavior to ensure safety and security of territorial waters 

Advanced Vessel Identification (AVI) Toolkit

Enables detection of vessels that have misrepresented their identities, locations or intentions to ascertain associated risks and illegal activities 

Tools for integrity analysis of selected group of vessels to determine patterns of behaviour and movement, utilizing live data and trained machine learning models 

Intuitive user interface facilitates detailed analyses and verification of vessel identity, specifications status, and trajectory, all within a single interactive platform 

Dashboard designed to revolutionize maritime risk management through the integration of AVI technology which provides users with real-time access to AVI predictions for 60K+ vessels 

Intelligent Geofencing

Geofences enhanced with machine learning to deliver a high accuracy timeline and enhanced predictability

Provides real-time alerts and notifications

Enables monitoring of selected zones, vessels, protected zones, and high-value undersea assets

Vessel Moving Haven

Perimeter tool that allows a user to monitor a region in a similar manner as a geofence 

Moving haven perimeter can be along a path that either follows a vessel or pre-determined by set way points 

Designed to allow movement along a path for a vessel that may not be currently sending AIS messages, or not at the frequency desired for updated movements (moving haven path need not be related in any way to a vessel’s actual movement) 

Enables alerts for vessels based on speed, if a vessel goes dark, and perimeter entry and exit 

Vessel Path Prediction

Anticipates vessel location 10 days in advance which facilitates different applications such as planned interdictions of vessels conducting illegal activities as well as planned training exercises

Facilitates resource estimation and traffic management at ports

Enables continuous vessel monitoring and commercial and security risk analysis

Historical Reporting and Analysis

Ability to analyze past traffic in selected areas for future planning  

Facilitate investigation of vessel movements towards environmental or other legal compliance 

Pattern of Life Analysis

Persistent global threat and risk assessment based on dynamic real time vessel behavior analysis

Determines security risks based on intelligence gathered from multiple sensor systems

Facilitates predictive and real time analysis, providing insights prior to potential issues

Availability of Port Inspection data for integration into existing UI 

Arctic Surveillance

Provides persistent monitoring of large geographical regions to maintain visibility and respond in a timely manner to assert national sovereignty 

Inter-agency Communication and Collaboration

Provides a common operating picture for all relevant organisations to have the same information, thus enabling collaborative planning and sharing of events to coordinate responses 

Advanced chat features and ability to share incident files to facilitate inter-departmental communication 

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