Risk Manager

OCIANA™: Predictability in a Sea of Uncertainty

Learn how OCIANA™ will provide automatic detection of anomalies, threat predictions and enhance the way you manage maritime risks. Stay ahead of potential threats with customised alerts, vessel path prediction, spoof detection, and more with OCIANA™.  

Our solution provides maritime domain awareness to mitigate security, commercial and environmental risks. Using machine learning pattern-of-life analysis, OCIANA™ delivers predictive insights and actionable intelligence in real time. Incorporating multiple space-based and terrestrial feeds, OCIANA™ is data agnostic and can be configured to incorporate user data. The platform enables users to collaborate and communicate to build a common operating picture.  

Risk Detection

Performs continuous data fusion and pattern-of-life analysis

Detects and mitigates against a multitude of risks including, Dark Vessels, Identity Spoofing, Sanctions Infractions, Trafficking, and Illegal Fishing

Provides customised alerts and notifications to support real time threat detection and monitoring

Vessel Path Prediction

Anticipates vessel location 10 days in advance which facilitates different applications such as planned interjections due to illegal activities as well as planned training exercises

Facilitates resource estimation and traffic management at ports

Vessel Spoof Detection

Enables detection of vessels that have misrepresented their identities to ascertain associated risks and illegal activities

Pattern of Life Analysis

Detects threats and identifies illegal activity based on actual vs historic vessel behaviour

Determines security risks from combinations of data that may include radar, AIS, as well as satellite imagery

Arctic Surveillance

Provides persistent monitoring of large geographical regions to maintain visibility and respond in a timely manner to assert national sovereignty

Intelligent Geofencing

Geofences enhanced with machine learning to deliver a high accuracy timeline and enhanced predictability

Provides real-time alerts and notifications

Enables monitoring of selected zones, vessels, protected zones, and high-value undersea assets

Inter-agency Communication and Collaboration

Provides a common operating picture for all relevant organisations to have the same information, thus enabling collaborative planning and sharing of events to coordinate responses

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