Terminal Optimiser

OCIANA™: Your Terminal's Compass to Success

OCIANA™ is a dynamic, integrated and scalable solution which enhances real-time predictive visibility for inter-modal operations. The platform provides simulation-optimisation to minimise turnaround times and maximise resource utilisation, enabling advanced planning and scheduling and uninterrupted last mile delivery as well as quick recovery from shock events.

ETA Prediction

Provides the most accurate long-horizon, multi-stop ETA predictions for liners and tramp vessels

Enables user to form independent assessment on vessel reliability towards arrival at port

Ice Jam Prediction

Prediction of ice jams 7 days prior to facilitate advanced planning and scheduling of alternate berthing windows

Enables prioritisation of resource deployment and management

Visual Dock Planner

Enables optimisation of berthing capacity vis-à-vis available resources 

Schedule Optimisation Planner (SOP)

Provides terminal operators with advanced planning and optimal scheduling for vessel berthing

Facilitates quick recovery from shock events

Predicts vessel behaviour, arrival time and deviations

Enables simulation–optimisation for resource usage based on reducing vessel wait times, decreasing emissions and enhancing robustness in berth scheduling

Advanced Chat and Collaboration Tools

Facilitates single reference for all users of data and real time communication and collaboration 


Anchorage: allows users to visualise, manage and report on vessel wait time based on arrival and departure, slow downs, destinations and historic behaviour

Vessel Berthing Reporting: enables full view of all berths capacity and metrics to determine average berthing times

Port Profiles: enable current and historic behaviour comparison vis a vis sister and competitor ports

Intelligent Geofencing

Geofences enhanced with machine learning to deliver a high accuracy timeline and enhanced predictability into a vessel’s location and planned passage

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