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April 16, 2024

In November 2023, Houthi forces initiated attacks on vessels in the Red Sea targeting those affiliated with Israeli allies. This key maritime route, essential for its direct access to the Suez Canal, faced unprecedented disruptions.

Unlike the temporary blockage by the Ever Given in 2021, these prolonged attacks have forced a re-evaluation of shipping routes for global trade. Amidst this turmoil, GSTS’s OCIANA® platform is an instrumental tool offering crucial and timely data to navigate the complexities of these sustained disruptions.

Before the onset of the attacks, ship traffic through the Red Sea was a constant and reliable flow, critical for global trade. After the attack, there is a noticeable reduction in vessels traversing this vital passage. In response to this threat, a substantial portion of maritime traffic has been rerouted to circumnavigate South Africa.

Utilizing OCIANA’s advanced capabilities, users can chart the revised course and precisely assess the supplementary distance. By opting to circumvent South Africa, vessels face an additional 6,000 kilometers in their journey, resulting in heightened fuel usage and prolonged transit durations. Such detailed insights provided by OCIANA® empower users to proactively plan for the adjusted arrival times at ports. Furthermore, stakeholders across the supply chain are equipped with crucial information, enabling them to make informed decisions and adapt their operations accordingly.

In light of these disruptive events, ports face the urgent task of recalibrating their operations to accommodate revised arrival schedules. In this dynamic environment, OCIANA’s ETA Prediction emerges as an indispensable asset; by leveraging the OCIANA® platform, ports can effectively visualize the incoming fleet of vessels and access enhanced ETA projections. Port authorities are thus empowered with vital insights into the expected arrival times of ships, facilitating proactive planning and resource allocation. With OCIANA®, ports can optimize berthing schedules, coordinate cargo handling procedures, and ensure the seamless functioning of logistical operations despite the fluidity of global shipping routes.

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