provides Intelligent Data Monitoring and Analysis solutions for industry and government clients using space and ground based resources. We provide solutions that improve the safety, energy efficiency, security, and environmental sustainability of the transportation, maritime, oil & gas, and energy sectors. This is achieved by developing monitoring, analysis and simulation solutions using space based wide area coverage assets to collect data from any region of the earth – on land or at sea.

solutions respond to the priorities of regional and global agendas in the areas of environmental monitoring, security and energy efficient transportation. Solutions are tailored to the needs of developed and developing economies' transportation and energy sectors, and are aligned with current global action to reduce air and GHG emissions from marine and land transportation sources. We develop methodologies in line with the International Maritime Organization frameworks and other global regulatory bodies.

customizes solutions to meet the needs of users. We work with first-class teams of researchers at world-class facilities and universities to develop algorithms that extract intelligence from satellite data. Tools are then developed that enable precision real-time monitoring and improved decision making.