OCIANA™: Harnessing AI to Detect Dark Vessels and Secure the Seas

Maritime transportation is a crucial aspect of global trade, with millions of vessel voyages worldwide every year. However, the ocean also serves as a hub for illegal activities, including smuggling, piracy, human trafficking and the narcotics trade. These activities pose a significant threat to national security and public safety. Therefore, monitoring vessel movements and identifying […]

OCIANA™: Your Platform for Real-Time Decision-Making Intelligence

GSTS’s proprietary platform, OCIANATM, serves as a valuable facilitator for enhancing situational awareness among port and vessel operators. By leveraging a range of capabilities and AI models, OCIANATM equips users with timely and relevant information crucial for informed decision-making in both time and economic management. The following example illustrates the practical application of OCIANATM. In […]

OCIANA™: Your Port’s Platform for Risk Mitigation and Operational Optimisation

As global trade continues to expand, ports face increasing pressure to efficiently manage the vessels entering their facilities. Due to recent regulatory framework changes, there is a need for extended security at ports. OCIANA™ is a comprehensive solution for port management. The platform provides early risk detection to prioritize the monitoring of vessels of interest […]

Navigating Towards Sustainability

GSTS harnesses global vessel data to help ports enhance environmental performance
In an era when the world is facing an unprecedented climate crisis, the urgency

How OCIANA™ Port Analytics Shapes Global Trade

Required to reduce port congestion? Plan to mitigate the impact of shock on supply chain? Need real time data insights to support decision making? In global trade across the oceans, ports are recognised as vital nodes that connect nations and facilitate the movement of goods. However, there is an underlying challenge that is common to all […]

Hurricane Fiona and its Impacts on Atlantic Canada and the Maritime Shipping Industry

The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season was destructive, even though it had an average number of named storms (14), a slightly above-average number of hurricanes (8), a slightly below-average number of major hurricanes (2), and a slightly below-average accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) index score. Despite this, it became the third costliest Atlantic hurricane season on record, […]