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GSTS Awarded Contribution from ACOA Canada

GSTS takes next steps to accelerate Maritime AI commercialization

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia—Jan  25, 2021Global Spatial Technology Solutions (“GSTS” or “the Company”) an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Maritime Analytics company, announced today that it will accelerate the global commercialization of their Maritime Management Platform OCIANA™.

OCIANA™ is an AI-based platform that ingests large volumes of data from a range of satellite- and ocean-based sensors, which includes information on ocean, weather, vessel, port, and marine species activity. The data is processed using proprietary techniques developed by GSTS researchers to provide decision-making information in near real-time in order to save lives, energy, the environment and protect marine species.

OCIANA™ offers the ability to manage the routing and speed of vessels to align with port and terminal resources. Initial analysis has shown that an annual reduction of up to 200M tons of CO2 from vessels can be achieved globally, without the need for any equipment modifications or infrastructure investment by shipping lines, vessel charterers or ports. This capability is currently being validated by a consortium of marine innovation leaders including shipping lines and port authorities.

OCIANA™ also offers the ability to detect and manage a range of threats and risks in a countries’ entire EEZ or area of operations. GSTS has developed a number of proprietary solutions using Machine Learning and AI techniques that enable Activity-Based Intelligence to detect risks. The intelligence can be filtered and shared with various agencies to align with their specific risk parameters, including security, environmental, commercial or health risks such as Covid-19. The Risk Management capability is currently being evaluated by a number of Canadian agencies.

GSTS is currently engaged with multiple users in Canada and globally who have expressed an interest in the capability offered by OCIANA™. To support the commercialization efforts, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) recently announced it is providing a $500,000 repayable contribution to help GSTS accelerate and ramp up to meet the growing demands for the capabilities offered by OCIANA™

“GSTS’s advanced AI-based platform and growing number of satellite and ocean sensors have a wide variety of applications in sectors from transportation to environmental research,” says Darren Fisher, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health and Member of Parliament for Dartmouth–Cole Harbour. “We are proud to support the commercialization of this innovative technology and the continued work of GSTS, as they help the Atlantic region gain momentum in the blue economy, provide highly skilled jobs in Nova Scotia and ensure the economic resilience of our coastal communities in Atlantic Canada and for Canada as a whole.”

“The growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled applications in the maritime domain is expanding rapidly. The funding from ACOA will enable GSTS to hire additional staff and accelerate the roll-out of our Maritime Management platform–OCIANA™, to meet the growing demands we are seeing across the entire maritime spectrum,” said Richard Kolacz, CEO of GSTS.

“Technologies that support global decision-making by providing quicker and more accurate information are critical to the world’s rapidly growing challenges in protecting humankind and the environment. The funding from AOCA is an important step in recruiting highly skilled personnel and expanding our capabilities to meet current and future needs.”

About GSTS

GSTS is a leader in Artificial Intelligence solutions for the maritime domain. Our solutions are designed to save lives, energy and the environment on a global scale through the use of innovative applications based on emerging data sets and analytics. Our solutions enable enhanced decision-based operations for civil, commercial and defence and security agencies and industries. For more information, visit

About ACOA Canada

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency works to create opportunities for economic growth in Atlantic Canada by helping businesses become more competitive, innovative and productive, by working with diverse communities to develop and diversify local economies, and by championing the strengths of Atlantic Canada.

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