Intelligent Maritime Solutions

In the maritime sector world trade continues to grow, it brings with it a rise in freight transportation, fuel consumption and carbon emissions. GSTS develops monitoring and planning solutions to allocate cargo emissions and reduce fuel consumption through effective vessel planning. Our products align with the needs of clients in the Maritime transportation, security and logistics sectors. Intelligent Maritime Solutions use space and shore based data sets from various sensors in order to:
  • Detect illegal or irregular activities
  • Detect regulatory or environmental non-compliance
  • Provide alerts of groundings or collisions
  • Allocate carbon emissions per vessel, cargo or region
  • Produce regional historical analysis for maritime planning
  • Provide vessel planning solutions to:
    • reduce fuel consumption and emissions
    • increase efficiencies of operations and logistics
    • reduce vessel loiter timing
    • minimize congestion in restricted waters
    • enhance vessel arrival time estimates
    • improve long range logistical planning
Maritime Product Brochure

Global Data Monitoring and Analysis

GSTS develops solutions for collecting and analysing data from any point on the earth. We determine data collection needs and engineer the sensor and data collection solutions which transfer data to our analysis centre where the data is monitored and analysed to detect problems before they occur – resulting in cost and environmental savings. Analysis solutions include:
  • Surface and Sub-surface water monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Logistics monitoring and planning
  • Equipment monitoring and detection of degradation
  • Oil and Gas infrastructure monitoring for operational and environmental purposes

Satellite Optical Imaging Solutions

GSTS provides satellite based optical solutions to support monitoring and analysis of events on a global basis. Data can be provided as stand alone or merged with other data sets to enhance the intelligence associated with an event or region. Applications include:
  • Environmental monitoring – maritime or terrestrial
  • Change Detection
  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Vessel validation
  • Scenario planning

RF Signal Monitoring

GSTS provides RF signal monitoring solution to support safety, security and infrastructure solutions. RF signals are used to support all aspects of all communications, financial, energy and transportation operations. Capabilities include:
  • RF Signal Monitoring
  • Interference detection, analysis and characterization
  • Spectrum utilization
  • Regulatory compliance
  • GNSS interference detection
  • RF Consulting Services